Black Men, We Need to Show Up and Protect Our Black Women

What happened to Hip Hop artist Megan The Stallion is a tragedy in every sense of the word. And as American as pie or baseball is, so is misogyny. Speculation about what happened to Megan came to rest after she went on social media to finally discuss the shooting she endured by fellow Hip Hop artist, Tory Lanez. Make no mistake, the Hot Girl rapper was not ready to tell her story; instead, she was forced to combat the misogynistic men who questioned her. She was forced to defend herself from women who uphold misogyny through ignorance or only knowing the world they were born in. Megan was forced to stand up for herself after learning of the false accusations that Lanez's team continued to spread in the media. She was forced to speak out after seeing so many make fun of her pain. While Megan remained silent, she needed Black men to be vocal in our support but many of us failed.