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Actor Pooch Hall Still Has His Head in "The Game"

So, you’re at home in 2006. You’ve come from school or work; you get yourself together and then you later plop on the couch to watch some tv. When you see that woman in high heels, strutting her stuff like a model on a football field, you know it's on! That’s right, that show The Game, was a primetime powerhouse show on CW and BET that touched many lives and had us on the edge of our seats, season after season.

One of the main players on this team was none other than Thee Ding Dong himself, Thee Rookie Derwin Davis. Actor Pooch Hall portrayed Derwin in such a meaningful way, that we felt like we were in the living room with him and Melanie.

In a recent QG interview, Pooch discusses how being on The Game was life-changing. He also fills us in on who was the toxic one between Derwin and Melanie. Let’s be clear, we all know who we thought was the toxic one in the relationship, it’s a no brainer! With The Game recently being added on Netflix, it’s a game-changer for the cast and it brings on more football, more relationship, more Ding Dong & Med School and even more fans.

The love that you get back is the love that you put out. When you put that love out without an agenda, the blessings and love you get back, is endless. -Pooch Hall

Life is tough, but we always try to find the silver lining. I feel having worked on The Game, Mara created certain storylines that emulated life to where I had a blueprint on life. It was like taking a life class that I got to experience before the real-life experience. -Pooch Hall

The impact that the game has on our community makes this show timeless. I re-watch it, my kids watch it. It touched so many lives. -Pooch Hall

Check out the interview below.


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