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Let's Celebrate National Wine and Cheese Day

If you survived National Tequila Day, it's time to recoup and relax with your favorite bottle of wine and your favorite cheese. Why you ask because It's National Wine and Cheese Day. This is a day where your tastebuds can enjoy the pairing of 2 amazing creations. We have a few things that we feel would help enhance this day. If you haven't been to your local grocery store yet, we have a few tips for your pairing pleasure. If you need assistance pairing your wine with the right cheeses or your cheese with the right wine, check out our pairing notes from our last wine and cheese pairing.

I was so excited to see that one of my favorite snack brands was returning with their addition to the wine and cheese day. The Cheez-it House Wine Limited Edition Box combines two of your favorite things.

If you choose to enjoy a bottle instead of the box, make sure you grab yourself a VinOstream by Cork Pops. It's the fastest and easiest way to aerate and dispense your wine.

Please drink responsibly.


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