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Netflix Unveils Their Next Summer Blockbuster ‘Project Power’ Starring Jamie Foxx

Hollywood superstar and Oscar-winning actor, Jamie Foxx, takes on superpowered drug kingpins in Netflix’s latest action-packed film, Project Power. The film, which drops on August 14th, is based around a new drug that gives those who take it unique superpowers, although it also proves to be deadly for some. Foxx plays a former soldier determined to stop those spreading the power pills, in part to save his daughter, who was kidnapped by the kingpins because she seems to know something about the drug’s formula.

If you were hoping to get your Marvel or DC Superhero movie fix this Summer, sorry this won't do it for you. As COVID-19 has delayed Marvel’s Black Widow release as well as stopped production on many other projects, the Jamie Foxx starring vehicle mixes in a crime/thriller as seen in the explosive trailer. Coming off the heels of their hit action films Extraction and the recently released The Old Guard, Netflix seems unphased by the recent pandemic that has shut Hollywood down. Project Power also stars Joseph Gordon-Levit and Dominique Fishback. Jamie Foxx can later be seen in Pixar’s Soul and the upcoming Mike Tyson biopic.

Watch the explosive trailer below.


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