Why Are Men More Dangerous Drivers Than Women?

Historically, there has been a flawed stereotype that men are better drivers than women. It’s impossible to say that all people of a specific gender drive in a certain way.

However, what you can do is look at data that takes an average of all men and compares it to all women. From this, you can compare the two genders based on average statistical data.

With this in mind, the statistical data does not support the notion that men are better drivers. On the contrary, it suggests that women are safer.

In 2018, the large city of Houston saw 189 fatal crashes resulting in 197 deaths. You can safely estimate that upwards of 135 men or more died compared to just 62 women.

To give you perspective as to why women are generally safer drivers, we’ll explain why male drivers tend to be so dangerous below.

Increased Law-Breaking