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From Humble Beginnings to Harvard Law, This Sanitation Worker's Dreams Become a Reality

Maryland College Graduate Rehan Staton overcame financial woes, illness, and a sports-related injury as he dutifully continued to support his father and brother. He worked as an employee of The Bate's Trucking and Trash Removal Company. The Maryland native is now achieving his dream of attending Harvard Law School this fall.

In Rehan's early childhood, his family struggled after his mother left his father and moved out of the country. Despite these hardships, Rehan was able to excel academically and flourished as an athlete in high school until a shoulder injury during 12th grade ended his dream of becoming a professional boxer.

During his time working for the garbage truck company, his co-workers spoke to Brent Bates, the son of the company owners, on his behalf. Bates arranged a meeting with a Bowie State University professor who would ultimately set Rehan on the path to where he is today.

In retrospect, he doesn't consider his employment as a sanitation worker to be a negative moment in his life. He received an overflow of encouragement and support from fellow staff, which proved to be instrumental in helping him rise to achieve his life goals. Rehan desires to give back and help other young people with LSAT tutoring and college counseling.

Photo Credit: CNN

Source: CNN

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