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Colin Kaepernick Collaborates With Disney For Upcoming Docuseries

According to CNN Business, Disney has recently announced a collaboration with former NFL quarterback and now activist Colin Kaepernick. Their very first project will be a docuseries from ESPN featuring Kaepernick's life and his transformation from pro athlete to civil rights leader. New interviews and previously unreleased content will chronicle Kaepernick's last five years, which will be shown through his perspective.

The series will focus on stories exploring the themes of race, social justice, and equity. Disney seeks to provide a new platform that will showcase minority directors and producers. In the wake of protests following George Floyd's death, Disney is seeking to address unique issues regarding cultural narrative and to offer more opportunities for film industry creators of color. In hopes of inspiring youth with content created by an array of diverse voices.

Presently an official date for the series premiere has yet to be announced.


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