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Black Celebs Are Kings at Styling Men’s Rompers and Onesies

When was the last time you checked out a famous black celeb for style inspiration? Aside from fame and fortune, these guys own the most desirable designer threads even before it hits trendy men’s clothing stores. Whether they’re on the red carpet or at Coachella, there’s one fashion item that black male celebs are particularly good at rocking: male one-pieces. From men’s rompers to utility jumpsuits, these guys are turning what may seem like fashion risks into the hottest menswear outfits for any occasion. In other words, they’ve basically proven that bodysuits, overalls, and rompers for men aren’t as scary as some people make them out to be. Here are five famous black guys that have made men’s one-piece look as flattering and stylish as your favorite skinny jeans.

Cam Newton - Floral Romper

NFL quarterback and proud father of seven, Cam Newton was one of the first brave celebs to rock the male romper trend before it became a thing. Quite controversial in style, today’s trendy men’s rompers have evolved into that must-have statement piece, which is especially coveted during the summer festival season. Want to cop Newton’s festival-ready men’s floral romper outfit? You can try elevating your next men’s romper to celeb-worthy status by adding a straw fedora hat, colored oxford shoes, and circle sunglasses.

Andre 3000 - Graphic Utility Jumpsuit

Amid the buzz of rompers for guys, the male jumpsuit trend sometimes gets overlooked, but it’s just as flattering, if not even more, on all body types. Relaxed-fit styles of men’s fashion jumpsuits can be more forgiving around the waist, while slim-fit jumpsuits can show off your curves in all the right places. Andre 3000 recently rocked a black boiler jumpsuit that went viral for its standout slogan print, making a men’s fashion statement in more ways than one. You can’t buy the exact utility jumpsuit for sale, but you can still find similar graphic fashion jumpsuits at stylish online menswear shops like Differio and similar retailers.

Billy Porter - Evening Jumpsuit

Already revered as a trendy menswear icon, Billy Porter would be one of the first men on the Earth to walk the red carpet in just about any style of men’s rompers, jumpsuits, and overalls. He’s the kind of celeb that isn’t just about designer labels; he lives and breathes for the looks. One of our favorite Porter get-ups was his over-the-top men’s fashion jumpsuit for the Grammys. Complete with a motorized wide-brim hat and matching eye men’s makeup, this men’s jumpsuit had a bodysuit-like fit with flared legs that was too extra to forget.

Chance the Rapper - Colored Overalls

Some of hip-hop’s most iconic outfits include men’s fashion overalls in some shape or form, such as Tupac’s denim overalls and Will Smith’s “fresh” one-strap outfit. When we think of trendy overalls for men today, Chance the Rapper is perhaps best known for his appearances in colored overalls. From bright red to neutral beige to classic denim, Chance’s slim-fit overalls are just about everywhere. Want to master his one-piece outfit? Just keep it simple. He tends to style his fashion overalls with plain basic tees and low-top sneakers.

Snoop Dogg - Zip-Front Adult Onesie

Snoop Dogg is definitely known for his outlandish style, such as that oversized bandana-print onesie with an extreme drop crotch. If you’ve ever shopped for a men’s romper for sale, you’ve most likely come across an adult onesie at the same men’s clothing store. More importantly, if you’ve never tried on a men’s onesie before, then you’re missing out! Low-crotch onesies, like Snoop Dogg’s one-piece outfits, are probably the most comfortable items in casual men’s streetwear, especially during winter. Style tip: try pairing trendy onesies with neutral sneakers to compliment your look.


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