It Took Eric Bell Losing His Voice For Him to Go After His Passion of Becoming a Voiceover Artist

Most people tend to go through phases in their life where their different passions lead them to want to experience many things. When you're in school, maybe you want to be a firefighter or a businessman but as you develop so does your life's purpose. Eric Bell experienced the success of corporate America but had passions that went beyond the boardroom. He began doing voiceover work after losing his voice.

What inspired your decision to enter into the world of voiceover?

My entrance into the world of voiceover was many years in the making. I knew for years that I wanted to do it and I felt I could be successful in it. People had always asked me if I worked in the voiceover industry or if I was on the radio. I would say no, but one day I will be. The inspiration to pursue voiceover came in the form of me completely losing my voice. 3 years ago, I lost my voice for 2 days. I couldn’t talk and I was only able to communicate by writing. I told God, and promised myself, that if I can have my voice back, then I would use my special gift and pursue the voiceover world. That experience woke me up. I realized that my super-power, my voice, could be taken away so quickly and I knew I had to use it for its purpose.

How was your transition from Corporate America to becoming a voiceover artist?

I’m still balancing between corporate and becoming a full-time voiceover artist. I’m still working in senior executive positions for large corporate brands with a focus on education. Voiceover is acting, and like acting, you must always be training, always trying to improve on your craft. It’s continuous and keeps me busy. I’m always looking for the next voiceover op