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2017, The End of the Road for These Cars

Sometimes when you love things, you have to let them go and that’s just what 2017 will be doing. As we know cars are only as good as their ability to captivate a buyers market and SELL. After years, some of these cars will NOT be brought into 2018.

The Dodge Viper, in production from 1992-2017. One of the biggest names for Dodge yet was NOT one of it’s biggest sellers will call it quits this year.

Infiniti QX70, in production from 2003-2017. Debuting as the Infiniti FX, this midsized crossover slowly but surely lost it’s steam and is being dismissed in the U.S. and replaced with the redesigned QX50.

Chrysler 200,in production from 2011-2017. Never quite catching the public attention and the market shifting from sedans to SUV’s, Chrysler has decided to end its love affair with the 200.

Buick Verano, in production from 2012-2017. Launched with Buick’s rebranding, the small car held it’s own for a while but couldn’t hold on long enough for the legendary car company to continue production.

Volkswagen CC,in production from 2009-2017. This was VW’s lowest selling car. Executives have gone back to the drawing table to debut a brand new four-door luxury car but the CC has served its time.


Jeep Patriot, in production from 2007-2017.  Around for 10 years, this crossover had no major changes to its style. It initially was introduced along with the Compass, the compact version of the 2. While the compass got a new design, the patriot got the pink slip.


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