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18 Models to Look Out for in 2018 

Amongst the droves of Male Fashion Models, there are those subjects that want you to not only see them, but know their names as well as their “body” of art. Meet our 18 for 2018. They all have brilliant photos uploaded on Instagram and other platforms. I’m sure a link in bio service would help them to keep track of their content with ease. With hardly contrived confidence, unabashed determination, and an eagle-like eye for body mechanics, these top male models are seamlessly maneuvering through the rugged terrain we call the fashion industry. These models have managed to make quite a big impression on social media, especially on Instagram, where their modelling has earnt them a lot of free instagram followers for their profile. Always keen on highlighting the uniqueness of a garment, the poses that make every photo beautiful, and the subtle vulnerabilities which makes each of them uniquely special, are some of the reasons why we put the spotlight on them for the Quintessential Gentleman’s ’18 for 2018′.

Ralph Souffrant

Instagram: @souffrantnyc

Alton Mason

Instagram: @altonmason

Terence Telle

Instagram: @terencetelle

Jordun Love

Instagram: @jordunlove

Phoenix Davidson

Instagram: @phoenix_davidson_

Simon Adde

Instagram: @simon.adde

Navarre Caldwell

Instagram: @navarrecaldwell

Conrad Bromfield

Instagram: @conradbb

Michael Lockley

Instagram: Michael.lockley

Nathan Owens

Instagram: @nathanowens_

Nate Gill

Instagram: @nategill8

Broderick Hunter

Instagram: @BroderickHunter

Isha Blaaker

Instagram: @ishablaaker

Jenry David

Instagram: @jenrydavid

Malik Lindo

Instagram: @maliklindo

Geron Mckinley

Instagram: @geronmckinley

Adonis Bosso

Instagram: @septumpapi

Sacha M’Baye

Photos via Instagram

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