12 Things Men Refrain From Doing When They First Start Dating

Don’t let him know that you actually use the bathroom for more than just putting on makeup and freshening up. That’s a piece of advice I always hear women say when they are talking about meeting a new guy. It’s this idea that you don’t want to scare your new love interest off and that’s why you send in a representative of yourself that’s more polished and reflect more of what you think the other person is looking for. It’s not until you think this person will be around for a long time that you start to remove the mask and show who you really are. Your hope is that they have fallen in love with you and won’t judge you for who you truly are.

Believe it or not, men are just as critical in the beginning stages of dating and they too have their Do’s and Don’ts. There are various reasons for these early dating rules. Could be that they don’t want to seem press, they don’t want to give off this idea of exclusivity that wasn’t discussed or they