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10 Great Sweatpants Buys to Make Your Quarantine More Comfortable (And Stylish)

Well, we are deep into COVID-19 quarantine, with no end in sight, and as we adjust to this new normal we have had to also adjust our wardrobes to fit the new cadence of our lives. Since most of us literally cannot leave the house, the need to dress up has all but vanished. However, that does not mean we can't add some pizzazz to our casual, lockdown looks.

Here are 10 comfortable and stylish sweatpants options to consider purchasing for quarantine 2020.

Adidas, $60 via Mr. Porter

Hugo Boss, $85 via Mr. Porter

Nike, $85 via Mr. Porter

Stussy, $95 via Mr. Porter

Todd Snyder + Champion, $150 via Mr. Porter

Helmut Lang, $295 via Mr. Porter

Martine Rose, $390 via Mr. Porter

Off-White, $490 via Mr. Porter

Thom Browne, $590 via Mr. Porter

Gucci, $1,380 via Mr. Porter


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