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10 Questions With Kendall Dorsey

What would the world of fashion and entertainment be without amazingly talented and creative hair stylists? We don’t even need to answer that question because we know hair stylists are responsible for imaginative concepts and the finishing touches for the hottest celebs from music videos to magazine covers. We caught up with Kendall Dorsey, a global hairdresser, who has worked with some of you favorites from Teyana Taylor to Nicki Minaj. He works with gentleman too, like Usher, and even provides a few tips for the guys in this interview. Enjoy as he talks about his inspiration, his favorite industry moment, and what’s next for his brand.

A post shared by KD | Kendall Dorsey (@kendalldorsey1) on Apr 17, 2017 at 1:24pm PDT

How did your background in fashion help you to cross over into the hair industry?

Fashion and hair crossed over for me early on in my fashion journey. I would often find my self-fascinated with different textures and different styles so I would then create it with friends and from there it became a thing, so I studied around the world to develop my eye. Hair and fashion combine to make magic.

Some of the styles you create are avant-garde how do you come up with the concepts for styling?

For concepts for Avant-Garde, I often reference back to my fashion history or I’ll research Guido Palau or Orlando Pitta, Pat McGrath and I then, create.

As a hair stylist working in the fashion industry where do you draw your inspiration from?

My inspiration is often drawn from Latino Culture Street Style, there is a mood in the hair that gives me the energy to create.

Do you have a muse or is there someone in the industry that you would like to work with that could really bring one of your creative visions to life?

At the moment my muse is being prepared to take on the world so we aren’t ready to release her just yet, however, I love my Barbie’s!

What styling shoots do you get to be the most creative and free?I get to be most creative on projects that collaborate with other genius creatives.

What work or works are you most proud of today and what did that moment feel like? Met Gala 2017, 60 inches of Nicki Minaj. Best description “a moment!”

You’ve worked with Teyana Taylor quite a bit, how is it working with another artistic and imaginative individual? And how do you work together to create the finished product?

Teyana T and I often collaborate together she’s very hands on with amazing personal style. We are both inner city so we collaborate a lot and reference boy bands, and street style from London’s pop culture scene.

You have male clients as well, and you recently worked with Usher. Some people may think male clients are easier is there any truth to that?

Male clients require a different type of detailed attention, it’s fresh. Grooming is light and direct, it allows me to build up my clients day with a fresh grooming.

What’s one hair tip that you think every man should know?

Male clients should understand home maintenance. Oribe Gold lust oil, and shine Spray and also Dove dry shampoo. They all create amazing finishes.

What’s next for the Kendall Dorsey brand and are there any upcoming fashion projects or fashion shows you can tell us about?

Look out for the face of Gucci and I will be creating beautiful looks for my Doll collection.

To learn more about Kendall Dorsey check out his website.

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