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Check Out These Four Black-owned Coffee Brands This Winter

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Sometimes it’s hard to admit but we all love coffee. An iced pumpkin latte, cappuccinos, or a regular brew, fall is the perfect time to embrace your love for coffee beans. But there's one thing we can't ignore – coffee can be a bit of a teeth stainer.

Enter Sensodyne Extra Whitening! It's formulated to gently remove those surface stains on your teeth, ensuring your smile stays bright and free from sensitivity. All it takes is a simple commitment to brushing twice daily, and you'll see the difference!

Coffee doesn’t get the love it truly deserves. It's not just about that caffeine kick; it's also about savoring the flavor, enjoying it with your favorite desserts, and turning those sips into flavorful moments.

We believe it's time to start the conversation about fantastic coffee pairings, like pairing a slice of pie or a scoop of ice cream with your cup of joe. As part of Sensodyne's Bites Back campaign, Your Momma’s Favorite Internet Chef, Keyshawn Hudson, recently shared a video with his followers on making banana pudding from scratch. And guess what? It pairs perfectly with a cup of coffee!

After reviewing Keyshawn's video, he shared his thoughts about Sensodyne Extra Whitening. According to him, it's an essential part of his daily routine to maintain a radiant smile. Sensodyne Extra Whitening helps him keep stains at bay, making sure his teeth remain coffee-friendly.

So, whether you need your coffee for that much-needed pick-me-up or you're just an aficionado of its rich flavors, don't forget to explore these incredible Black-owned coffee brands that deserve your support this winter.


"Cxffee Black" is more than a name; it's a metaphor, an invitation to see ourselves as beautifully unique and unadulterated, just like the Black coffee it represents. The deliberate "x" in the name symbolizes that missing variable within us, urging us to embrace our unique humanity to bridge the divide. Cxffee Black has a vision for its apparel company as well, with phrases: "Love Black people like you love black cxffee," and "Make cxffee black again.”


“No one should ever have to experience mediocre coffee or tea” is the statement on Blk & Bold website. Sold in Target, Whole Foods Markets and other online retailers, Blk & Bold’s coffee has the bold flavors you’re looking for. The brand is also about its community as it donates 5% of sales to supporting at-risk youth. In addition to an array of small-batch roasts of specialty coffees that include blends and single origins, it also sells specialty teas. 


Launched by rapper Jadakiss’ father, Bob Phillips, Kiss Cafe Coffee is the perfect blend of rich, aromatic coffee beans kissed by expertise and passion. Its “Beijo” is a medium dark roast arabica blend that is sweet in aroma and bold in flavor. Ground, pressed, and brewed, each sip commemorates a story passed down as their story is told.


How about a hub where you can get many Black-owned coffee samples sent for you to enjoy? Noire Pack was started by Edward McFields and sells the roasters' coffee in individual bags as well as in variety packs. Coffee Roasters Sample boxes feature three bags of beans from Black-owned coffee companies, highlighting different roasts or themes, like organic beans or coffee from women-owned companies. You make the choice of ground coffee or whole beans.

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