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Elevating Self-Care: Jevon Holland Spotlights Pronamel Active Shield In His Daily Routine

The NFL star takes to Instagram to share his morning routine including building strong teeth

In the world of NFL stars, maintaining peak physical condition is a non-negotiable requirement, both on and off the field. From intense gym sessions to balanced diets, professional athletes go to great lengths to ensure they're at the top of their game season after season. Miami Dolphins star Jevon Holland, a defensive force to be reckoned with, reveals that embodying a defensive lifestyle starts with proper oral hygiene, considering it's a crucial aspect of his daily routine.


As part of the latest Pronamel campaign, Holland uses his influence to emphasize the importance of self-care by posting a video to Instagram showing what his off-day morning routine looks like. This glimpse into his daily life serves as an education for fans and enthusiasts alike, illustrating that every decision matters when it comes to athletic performance and overall health.

"Get ready to go through an off-day morning with me. First, we start off with breakfast, the most important meal of the day," says the Miami Dolphins Safety, revealing that even during his downtime, his commitment to dietary discipline remains strong, opting for a Jev taco featuring turkey bacon and eggs.

Holland's focus on health isn't confined to what he eats; it extends to how he cares for his body. Emphasizing the importance of flexibility and recovery, he integrates stretching and foam rolling into his routine.

"This [breakfast] fuels me up for my morning and gives me the energy I need for some nice stretching in and light foam roll. Stretching is an essential part of my off-day routine," Holland shares. He underscores that the physically demanding nature of football calls for the maintaining of his body's flexibility. "I like to start off my day by foam rolling to really roll out the soreness in my body, and then I like to use a massage gun to pinpoint those tight muscles," he adds.

While stretching is an obvious component of an athlete’s regimen, Holland showcases the significance of incorporating proper oral care into his routine. The message he conveys is clear – self-care encompasses more than just physical fitness; it embraces holistic well-being, including oral health.


“Believe it or not, taking care of my oral hygiene is one of the most important plays I make every day,” Holland shares.


Contrary to common perceptions, caring for oral health can yield significant benefits and should be highly-emphasized in self-care routines. Neglecting oral hygiene can result in issues such as gum disease, which may start mildly but escalate into more severe complications if left untreated.


Holland shares that the final step in his off-day routine includes brushing his teeth with Pronamel Active Shield. “With its 24-hour cavity protection, Pronamel is my first line of defense against erosion and cavities and the key to strong and healthy teeth.”


Not only does brushing your teeth with Pronamel Active Shield Whitening offer round-the-clock cavity protection it also effectively removes stains while whitening your teeth. “Plus, first impressions are everything and your smile is a big part of it,” Holland adds.


Learn more about Pronamel Active Shield here.


Disclaimer: Follow a healthy diet and brush twice daily for protection

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